Below are a list of committees working within The New Jersey State League of Master Plumbers Inc. Members have full access to these committees.

 Ad Hoc Committee

 Apprenticeship & Training Committee

    This committee handles various apprenticeship functions, including the VICA Skills USA competition for New Jersey at the Expo Center in Somerset. A big part of their job is to acquire donations and materials from numerous supply houses, manufacturers and contractors to support the competitions needs. This committee also supplies judges for the competition and helps contestants with any questions they may have.

    Chairman: Ernie Histing


    Phone: 586-875-8662

 Bond Committee

    This committee procures and administrates a free, 2-Year license bond exclusively for the members of the League.

    Chairman: Don Kerper


    Phone: 856-663-5205

 Budget Committee

    The treasurer of the State League recommends a budget which the floor approves at convention and he also reports at each month’s meeting on our ability to stick to that budget. Members of this committee are all officers, past presidents, life members,and all committee chairmen

    Chairman: Don Kerper


    Phone: 856-663-5205

 Business Plan Committee

 Code Books Committee

    This committee acquires all code books and forwards them to the league members at cost.

    Chairman: Craig Trano


    Phone: 908-654-3685

 Constitution & By-Laws Committee

    This is our resident expert who can answer any question on any specific article or resolution. He shall interpret the intent of said article or resolution.

    Chairman: Ron Barbarulo


    Phone: 201-747-5860

 Continuing Education

    The Continuing Education Committee conducts, for State League members, the State Mandated Continuing Education courses required to renew your license. Course locations are through-out the state at reasonable cost.

    Chairman: Ron Barbarulo


    Phone: 201-747-5860

 Convention Committee

    The chairman of this committee handles every facet of our annual convention. He negotiates with the hotel casino’s, vendors, speakers etc.

    Chairman: Mike Faraone


    Phone: 908-377-0359

 Education Committee

    The Education Committee is split into North and South divisions so that we may serve the membership fairly. The Education Committees hold meetings each month on a variety of topics, such as, Code Updates, Isometric Drawing, Business Law, and new technology for our Industry.

    Chairman: Chris Kirsten


    Phone: 732-580-6330

 Ethics & Grievances Committee

    In the event that one member files a grievance complaint against another, this committee investigates and recommends to the president and the floor the manner in which the issue needs to be disposed of or resolved.

    Chairman: John Ierardi


    Phone: 908-791-1557

 Insurance Committee

    This committee shall oversee the Associated Master Trust self insuring Health Insurance Program available to all State League members.

    Chairman: Brian McLaughlin


    Phone: 973-535-9311

 Legal Committee

    This committee acts as the conduit between our state league attorney and the state league with its numerous committees that require legal advice.

    Chairman: Anthont Reichardt


    Phone: 732-713-4081

 Legislative & Code Committee

    The Legislative and Code Committee follows all bills introduced to the State Legislature through our lobbyist so that we may, as an association of licensed plumbers, address the context of the bill and whether we are in agreement of or opposed to the passing of the same

    Chairman: Steve Rodzinak


    Phone: 908-725-5991

 Leisure Committee

 Liaison to Other Organizations

    This chairman acts as a conduit between the state league and all other organizations, manufacturers, distributors, supply houses, vendors, etc.

    Chairman: Rich Martinelli


    Phone: 609-239-2930

 Liaison to Plumbing Inspectors

    This Committee is chaired by one of the many Plumbing Inspectors that are members of the State League. This direct contact between plumbers and Inspectors helps us to better interpret the code and its applications.

    Chairman: Tom Walsh


    Phone: 732-841-5792

 Membership Committee

    In conjunction with the Promotions Committee, this committee conducts membership drives throughout the state, issues charters to associations and membership certificates to new members. This committee is also in charge of State League apparel.

    Chairman: Mike D'Antico


    Phone: 908-241-8496



    This chairman documents State League functions on film for use in the Pipeline and on the web site.

    Chairman: John Go


    Phone: 201-569-1740

 Plaque Committee

 Plumbing License Enforcement

    This Committee reports violations of the NJ plumbing regulation conducted by licensed and unlicensed entities to the New Jersey Board of Examiners of Master Plumbers and, when necessary, files actions in municipal court to stop advertising or performing plumbing work without a license.

    Chairman: Jim Becker


    Phone: 908-755-5591

 Printing Committee

    This committee handles all printing of directories, stationary, letterhead, business cards etc.

    Chairman: Frank Czeronka


    Phone: 609-805-4970

 Publicity Committee

 Resolutions Committee

 Scholarship Committee

 Sickness & Distress

    This committee sends all condolences, best wishes, baskets of fruit, or flowers for all appropriate occasions for league members, family and friends.

    Chairman: Frank DiJohn


    Phone: 609-923-8401

 Special Insurance

    This committee shall oversee the operations between the State League endorsed agents EJA Insurance and Conover Beyer and the league members, involving various forms of insurance; business, liability, auto plans and programs.

    Chairman: Steve Rickershauser


    Phone: 856-694-0205

 State License Committee

    This chairman attends all the meetings of the State of New Jersey Board of Examiners of Master Plumbers, acts as a conduit between the board and the league. As with many other chairmen he gives a personal report of the events of the last board meetings to his committee.

    Chairman: Vincent Tinervia


    Phone: 732-367-3502

 Trade Show Committee

 Uniform Construction Code

 Water Conservation Committee

    Provides resources to members and the public on the responsibility of conserving and maintaining a safe, abundant water supply by teaching Cross Connection Control Administration and new "Green" products

    Chairman: Larry Washington


    Phone: 732-433-1967

 Website Committee